Precious Metals

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Benefits of Trading Gold and Precious Metals

Always in demand

Hedge against inflation


Low transaction cost

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Benefits of Trading Gold and Precious Metals


At GTC you can choose to trade precious metals on the spot market. You can choose spot gold or spot silver while benefiting from our lowest spread rates beginning from zero*



Futures in precious metals, especially gold are a popular investment instrument. We at GTCFX provide customers with Copper Futures, Gold Futures, Silver Futures, and Daily Gold Futures. Enjoy the liquidity and benefit from high leverage from trading futures at GTCFX!


Traders can benefit from trading CFDs in precious metals. CFDs in precious metals can provide investors with the opportunity of availing low spreads and amazing leverages, especially when trading with GTCFX.

Why trade Precious metals with GTC?

Seasoned investors will always advise, never to put all your investments in one basket. Hence, succeeding in trades requires diversification. Trading metals allows traders to diversify their portfolios while creating a good risk management strategy. Trading precious metals is like a protection blanket against inflationary risks. Thereof, the advantage of trading metals is that regardless of the economic conditions, metals continue to be precious commodities.

Why trade Precious metals with GTCFX?

GTC offers you a wide range of trading options in gold, silver, copper, platinum, or palladium. We at GTC offer you SWAP FREE trade on all precious metals. We also offer you ZERO Commissions, Easy profit withdrawal, and high LEVERAGE so you can trade more and profit high!
Explore several Trading options with us and trade on what you prefer.

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      MT4 & MT5 by Global Trade Capital


      Investments in precious metals are influenced by supply and demand, economic uncertainty, industrial output, the dollar’s strength, and interest rates. Fluctuations in these variables can cause prices in trading instruments for precious metals to vary from time to time.
      Veteran traders regard precious metal trading as a safe bet, specifically gold, because of its status as a safe haven. During market uncertainty, traders prefer to move their funds towards precious metals. Regardless of market conditions, precious metals like gold, silver, and copper continue to trade at comfortable rates due to their applications and usage in several aspects of life, hence they continue to remain in demand.
      Precious Metals Futures Contracts are legally binding agreements between the client and brokerage where a client is required to only deposit a small percentage of the overall trade value. CFDs are highly leveraged products.
      Trading is never risk free, and each type of trading instrument comes with its own set of risks. Prices for precious metals can fluctuate based on technical imbalances, geopolitical issues, demand and supply changes, and other external factors. However, during uncertainty in the economy, prices of precious metals usually shoot up.

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